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Volunteer Staff

Marcella Wiggs

Women’s Ministry Director

I came to know Christ in my sophomore year in high school (1963) as a result of attending a youth retreat. After hearing I could have a personal relationship with Christ, I came home and invited Him to be my Savior. I subsequently attended Youth for Christ with the North High School group. After graduation, I began attending a (non-Catholic) church. In my sophomore year at CFU, I met Carol Ryan in Boulder who then discipled me and introduced me to Navigators; attended a retreat at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs and was launched into what has since been an adventure with Christ. I have been married to Paul Wiggs for 45 years. Together we have 2 children: Lucas now in heaven and daughter, Shelby, and her husband, Wayne. We have 4 grandchildren: Cameron, Trystan, Myles, Meagan. I enjoy reading, listening to music, enjoy outdoors like the Colorado Rocky Mountains, travel to Mexico—the ocean—sunrises and sunsets on the oceans, walks on the beach! I love being with good friends and just enjoying fellowship with them. I love family events which include my Mom and 7 siblings and their families.  I occasionally write poetry. I like to send cards to let someone know I’m thinking of them. I enjoy being in the Body of Christ and encouraging my “church family.” I love knowing I am chosen, accepted and loved by God and sharing that love with others. I love my “adventure with Christ” life.


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