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Pastoral Staff

Stu Fuhlendorf

Senior Pastor

I became a Christian after years of rebellion, questioning, and running from the truth.  I started attending church regularly in the early 2000’s and participated in a Life Group in Seattle before I was saved.  I was a businessman taking a technology company through an initial public offering and I was in London, England at a hotel when the Holy Spirit moved in and I came to faith.  God turned a heart of stone into flesh and my love for Jesus and desire to know God's Word grew quickly.  I studied the Bible, poured into theological teachings, and was engulfed in fullness of fellowship with other Christians.  I obtained my Master of Divinity degree from the Denver Seminary.  Spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is my greatest love.  I have been married 30 years to Trish and we have 2 children – Erich and Hannah who both live in Denver.  I enjoy theology, all sports, reading, politics, hiking, biking, camping and big dogs.


Bruce Nickoley

Pastor of Life Groups and Education 


I am a Denver native and grew up in the Lutheran Church.  Although confirmed in the ninth grade I really did not know Christ or embrace the Gospel of His grace.  After abandoning the church in my high school years the Lord brought me pretty low in my freshman year at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  For the first time in my life I was asking the ultimate questions of the meaning and purpose of life.  My despair deepened when I realized that my professors had no answers for me, nor did they care to ask the questions.  It was my roommate whom God used to explain the meaning of the gospel in very simple terms that led to my conversion.  As I was wondering why the cross of Christ was so important, he simply said that if we believe in Jesus, God sees us as perfect people.  Wow! I later came to understand that this is what it means to be justified by faith alone in Jesus Christ.  But if I can pinpoint a time when I was born again, that was it. Fortunately, I developed good friendships with believers at CU and grew and became grounded in my faith through their help and fellowship.  I got involved in Young Life as a volunteer leader and later attended the Graduate School of Columbia Bible College and obtained my Masters of Divinity degree.  I have been involved in pastoral ministry for over 30 years.  I married my wife Martha Anne Daeschner, (Marty) in November of 1980 and have two sons and one daughter. Jesse is an is an airline pilot. Calvin is a Para-rescue Jumper in the Air Force.  And Julie is happily married to Danny Graves and is an athletic trainer for the Colorado Storm soccer club and employed by UC Health.  Both Marty and I love the outdoors in Colorado.  We hike, climb, ski and camp in the mountains as well as ride our road bikes throughout the state.  And last but not least, I love to play the game that you can never win…golf!


Paul Wiggs

Associate Pastor

I came to know Christ on Feb 17 1971 when I was 24 Years old. After years of running and fighting, God, through His servant Pastor Dick Zoelner, preached a message from Luke 8 that touched me and gave me hope.  Several days later in His great mercy God reached into my heart and changed it from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh.  I was given new life and I fell before him and confessed the name of Jesus as my savior and in that very moment I was made new! I am married to Marcella Barela Wiggs.  We have two children, Lucas and Shelby, and 4 grandchildren, Cameron, Trystan, Miles and Meagan.  Reading, studying, research, music, golf, a little travel and family events are a few of my interests.


Daniel Siedlecki

Operations Pastor

As the son of a father who received his Doctorate of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and served as Fundamental Baptist minister, singing at age 5 at the local Russian Church every Sunday in Newark New Jersey.  Hearing and reading scripture every day and praying as a family each night, how does one stray, after accepting Jesus as Christ at the age of nine, and then ran away from my faith until one lonely drunken evening God led me to  an old country church in Hawaii and an old Poi farmer with gnarled hands, sitting quietly next to a stranger putting his arms around his shoulder as  the old hymns softened the heart of stone let the scales of his heart start to fall away,  and then having this prodigal son see his father for the first time distraught weakened by his intense sadness over the loss of one son though death physically and the possibility that he would lose another to a spiritual death.  You see, that is what the real point is, our rebellion has cost.  Our sins have consequences and through it all and despite it all our father loves us so much that he did the unthinkable he took all that upon himself so that he could restore us back to the condition and relations ship he created us for.  I enjoy singing and playing golf in my free time.



Robin Haugen

Pastoral Administrator

Having been raised in a Christian home, I was blessed to learn about Jesus and see the Holy Spirit working in and through my parents on a daily basis.  When I was 11 I accepted Christ as my savior.  At 16, my boyfriend was killed in a car accident.  It was during that difficult time that I began to understand what it meant to give the Lord control of my life.  My relationship with Him is what gives my life meaning and purpose.  He is an amazing God who has brought me through more difficulties in this life than I care to count. I met Bly, my husband of over 40 years while attending Biola University and he, Talbot Seminary.  Bly and I have been blessed with three children, Sarah, Eric, Ian and the three most precious grandchildren ever! After a 40-year career as an RN, most recently as a hospice director and administrator, retirement offers more time to spend enjoying music, family, friends, and working with a phenomenal group of people at A Grace Place Church.

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